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Southern Washington’s Premier Tattoo Shop

Only 15 Minutes From  Portland In Downtown Vancouver

 Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, WA, Hopeless Ink is in an easily accessible location and features a clean, comfortable setting and professional environment. With over 50 years of combined experience between our artists, we know tattooing inside and out. Everything from start to finish, from picking out and perfecting your design on paper to tattoo finalization and aftercare instructions has been cultivated from our extensive experience to make sure your tattoo is completed in a safe, professional manner and will be an informative and comfortable process.

We would love to answer any questions you have so feel free to contact us. Our hours and other contact info along with our social media links are located at the top of the page and below.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?
Simply send us a website submitted request through the contact form below, send us an email, call or come to our shop in person. Map and info is below.
Does It Hurt?
Of course it does but anyone who really wants a tattoo will easily endure the discomfort. It is a sharp, irritating pain; not a throbbing, aching pain. All of our artists have had work done themselves so feel free to ask them what to expect when you contact us.
Does Hair Still Grow Through The Tattooed Skin?
Yes, the skin will still be the same as before. If you have dark or long body hair it might obscure the tattoo if the tattoo is small.
Is Getting a Tattoo Safe?
With a consistently maintained, sterile environment and a professional artist, absolutely. There is always a slight risk of infection that can be dramatically reduced to almost nothing with proper hygiene and aftercare.
Can I Bring My Own Artwork?
Of course. Our artists can also work with you to refine and polish a concept or sketch you have into a professional result that you are both excited about before you hit the table. 
How Much Does It Cost?
This varies by design. We quote for each individual client so contact us with your idea and we’ll be happy to quote you a price.
How Old Do I Have To Be?
18 with a valid form of identification.
How Do Colors Turn Out?
 Think of your skin as a filter over the tattoo. Darker skins will mute or obscure the color. Lighter skin will allow the color to be more vivid. Our artists are very experienced and will help adjust colors to your skintone to get the look your specific piece needs to look it’s best with your unique skintone.
How Long Does It Take To Heal?
It will vary slightly but typically with proper aftercare 2-3 weeks. It will heal like any other minor cut or abrasion.